AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT The Reference Design Review 2022

AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT The Reference Design Review 2022 – AMD Radeon RX is the created by AMD (MBA) reference design card and not our first review of the RX-6950 XT.

We have tested cards from MSI, Sapphire, and Gigabyte, but like every other known review of the RX-6950 XT on its 10 May launch date, those were custom design cards because AMD did’nt sample out reference design cards, and unlike what they did with the RX-6900 XT, we’re learning that its add in board(AIB) partners aren’t reselling reference a design cards either.

The reference RX-6950 XT is being sold exclusively through in the AMD website. One of our fans have bought one and sent it over for testing on the condition that we are’nt take it apart, which we usually do not agree to.

We agreed because we were curious to test AMD power is related claims for the RX-6950 XT, particularly its 335W typical board power at reference specifications, which would will make the card highly efficient compared to the RTX-3090 and RTX-3080 Ti.

The custom of Radeon RX-6950 XT cards we reviewed were factory-overclocked and hence had higher power values than 335 W.

The Radeon RX-6950 XT leads a trio of new graphics card SKU’s AMD is launching to update its product stack for Summer in 2022, with the others being the RX-6750 XT and RX-6650 XT.

The new card sits on top of the AMD lineup, and the company claims it has what it takes to trade with NVIDIA’s fastest and including outperforming the RTX 3090. The target market of the RX-6950 XT is the same as the RX-6900 XT it is 4K Ultra-HD gaming with maxed out settings.


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