AMD Radeon Super Resolution RSR Quality & Performance 2022

AMD Radeon Super Resolution RSR Quality & Performance 2022 –¬†AMD today released Radeon Super-Resolution, aka RSR, an ambitious new feature with which the company hopes to democratize the resolution-based performance enhancements to practically any game.

It is not meant to replace Fidelity-FX Super Resolution (FSR), but rather provide a means for gamers to improve the performance of any game out there at a minimal image quality loss. Radeon Super-Resolution (RSR) already works at the graphics-drivers level rather than at the game engine level. It hence has no control over game settings, but does not require any developer support.

While FSR operates within the game’s rendering pipeline by upscaling all game’s in 3D-scene that was rendered at a lower resolution before applying post-processing effects to the heads-up display (HUD), etc.,

RSR simply takes the final output of the game that’s entirely rendered at a lower resolution and will upscales it to your display’s native-resolution while attempting to minimize the loss of details from the upscales. The algorithm behind this is essentially the same as the FSR.

It does not rely on any AI deep learning neural networks or specialized hardware on the GPU. When we think of RSR, the closest example that comes to mind is Mad-VR, a community-based video renderer for players such as MPC-HC, which uses sophisticated custom algorithms to upscale and process¬† thevideo. It will”makes SD look like HD.”

Radeon Super-Resolution requires an AMD Radeon GPU and the latest 22.3.1drivers being released today. The company currently supports the Radeon RX-5000 and RX-6000 series, which is RDNA and RDNA2. Those still on Radeon Vega or RX-500 “Polaris” are out of luck.

We specifically asked AMD about this, and the response was that “AMD Radeon Super Resolution is supported on AMD RDNA architecture-based and a newer desktop graphics hardware.” In this review, we’ll evaluate the performance impact from various lower resolutions at which we upscale to 4K Ultra-HD. We also compare the image quality between the various modes across a variety of games, so you will be able to see a kind of quality on offer for the performance gained.



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