Announce Ryzen 7000-Series Pricing Posted

Announce Ryzen 7000-Series Pricing Posted – For those of you that are eagerly awaiting the Ryzen-7000-series CPUs, details of the potential pricing has appeared over at Canadian etailer Direct-Dial.

@momomo_us was first to post the details price on Twitter, but didn’t provide any details of who the e-tailer was, but some sleuthing using the AMD ordering the codes soon brought us to Direct-Dial.

The company has listed the all four expected CPU-models with pricing and it appears that AMD has decided to stop providing coolers entirely, as none of the four upcoming CPUs will appear to be available with a cooler in the box.

All of the model names ending WOF are retail packaged CPU’s and the ones missing WO-F at the end of the product number are tray CPU’s from what we can tell.

As for the pricing, the Ryzen-5 7600X is listed at CA$435 or about US$345, with the Ryzen 7 7700X coming in at CA$631 or US$495. The Ryzen-9 7900X is CA$798/US$630 and finally the Ryzen-9 7950X is a steep CA$1159/US$908.

@momomo_us also found some tray pricing from a different retailer and these CPU’s are priced a few bucks cheaper, but we’re unable to locate who is the retailer. Note that the electronics and computer parts appear to be priced a fair will bit higher in Canada than the US on average.

As such, these prices should only be taken as an indication of what the retail of the price in Canada might end up being and not what the actual M-SRP will land at, when AMD decides to launch these CPU’s. Currently the retail date is expected to be on the 15th of September this year.


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