Detail ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Review in 2022

Detail ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Review in 2022 – Today’s review, we are covering a ASUS’s flagship motherboard, the ROG Maximus Z-690 Extreme Glacial.

In early 2022 Intel released the 12th Gen Core processors and accompanying L-GA 1700 socket.

This platform held the privilege of being the first to bring PCI-e Gen 5.0 and DDR-5 to the consumer market.

With AMD’s upcoming release window for the next generation of Ryzen-CPUs and a new CPU socket on the horizon, Intel is hard at work to keep all eyes on them with the 13th Gen Core processors set to debut later in 2022.

Like clockwork, every a new generation of Intel CPU’s comes with a new chipset, which often a includes technology introduced previously in the enterprise market.

Compared to the previous LGA-1200 socket and Intel Z-590 chipset, the largest change besides PCI-e Gen5 and DDR5 support in the new Intel lineup is the introduction of E-cores in Intel desktop processors.

These E-cores are designed to offload a smaller background system tasks, while leaving larger and a more complex system tasks to the P Cores.

This leap in a computing power, paired with an increase in PCI-e lane count and a connection speed boost to the chipset.

And  has paved the way for motherboard manufacturers to offer a variety of configurations in different price points.


Ultimately, this will gives the consumer multiple avenues to fit their personal needs, and desires.



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