Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 Magnetic Wireless Headphones Review

Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 Magnetic Wireless Headphones Review – Edifier is an audio brand with over 25-years of experience catering to a variety of use cases including a personal home sound, professional audio, automobile audio, as well as headphones and microphones for both of personal entertainment and professional use.

Based out of China, the Edifier presence globally STAX is a small subset of what it offers in the domestic market where it has become large enough to be listed on the stock of market too.

Indeed, Edifier may be associated with budget speaker, Bluetooth headphone’s, and TWS earphones in the west, but the company bought STAX Ltd.

An audio brand with over 82 years of history making excellent electrostatic headphones/ear speakers in 2012.

It then became a significant investor in Audeze, whose products we have covered before already, and today we examine a Edifier’s new entry to be the premium wireless headphone market that aims to bring together both of these other brands too.


The Edifier STAX SPIRIT S-3 is a mouthful to say, and harder to type given the generous use of capital letters.

We first got word of it earlier this year after Edifier sent out the press release concerning the global launch of any product, and immediately people recognized that the STAX will contribution here was merely in name.

It can be confusing if you went in expecting a wireless ear speakers employing electronic stat drivers, but then again it’s not like Edifier could call this the Edifier-Audeze LCD Wireless either.

Yes, there’s a lot being shared between this set and the Audeze LCD, including the design and the use of planar magnetic drivers feature which itself is a rarity in the Bluetooth headphone market.

On the other hand, there is a lot more different and unique to the STAX-SPIRIT S3 too such as reworked drivers, updated tuning, a closed-back and wireless nature (obviously), and some of neat app-based features that promise to make this a highly compelling product and the first entry to the new STAX-SPIRIT product line.