Faster than Samsung – SK hynix Platinum P41 2 TB Review

Faster than Samsung – SK hynix Platinum P41 2 TB Review – Hynix has been one of the memory manufacturers for decades “big three”.

Together with Samsung and Micron, they have been dominating the memory of market and are producing a substantial percentage in the world’s of DRAM and NAND memory.

A few years ago, the company name “Hynix,” that was originally founded as “Hyundai Electronics Inndustrial Co” in 1983 ago, was sold to “SK Group”.

A large Korean conglomerate list, hence the name “SK-hynix.” Just last year, Hynix decided to purchase Intel’s NAND business for $8.99 billion.

Hynix has entered the high end in premium SSD market relatively late, but they left quite an impression after the Gold-P31, which is the fastest PCIe-3.0 solid state drive already available on the market.

It seems the engineers at Hynix know exactly what they are doing. That’s why I’m so excited to review the Hynix Platinum-P41 today. As expected, the P-41 introduces support for the fastest PCI Express 4.0 interface, which doubles transfer rates over what Gen-3 offered.

Internally, the Hynix Platinum P-41 uses only in house components made by Hynix. An important competitive in advantage. As the controller, Hynix uses an in house developed ACNS-075 also known as “Aries.”

It uses 8 flash channels and has support for NVMe-version 1.4, and of course PCI Express 4.0. The flash chips are created by Hynix, too, and are of their new 176 layer 3D-TLC variant. Last but not least, a DRAM cache is included. It’s 2 Gigabyte large and powered by a single DDR4 4266 chip made by, you guessed its Hynix.


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