Gaming OC Gigabyte Radeon RX 6950 XT Review

Gaming OC Gigabyte Radeon RX 6950 XT Review – The GIGABYTE Radeon RX -950 XT Gaming OC is the company’s value-ended custom-design rendition of AMD’s a new flagship GPU, the RX-6950 XT, positioned a notch below the company’s A-ORUS Master series.

You still get an advanced an aircooling solution, and a factory-overclock to boot. The Radeon RX-6950 XT leads a product-stack update for AMD that sees the entry of three in new GPU models for the Summer, as graphics card prices are coming down.

The other two models are the RX -750 XT and RX 6650 XT. It is designed to take the fight to NVIDIA’s fastest GeForce is RTX 30series graphics cards, including the RTX-3090, while probably even trading blows with the RTX-3090 T-i; a launch that was probably triggered by this SKU.


There’s no new underlying technology with the RX-6950 XT series, no die shrink to 6nm, the same 7nm process and R-DNA2 graphics architecture are used.

AMD improved the RX-6950 XT in three ways compared to the RX-6900 XT. First, the company increased the GPU clock speeds, within 2100MHz being the maximum in game clock, compared to 2015MHz on the RX-6900 XT.

This is roughly comparable to the maximum clock the special “XT-XH” variants of the RX-6900 XT shipped with, though at a higher power limits because the board partners were tuning those cards. The typical board power of the RX-6950 XT is 330W, just 30W higher than the RX-6950 XT.


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