NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Drivers Download Windows and Linux

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Drivers Download Windows and Linux – When Nvidia presented the GeForce GTX 970 for $330, it stuck the GeForce GTX 760 and also 770 in no guy’s land.

The last is much as well pricey contrasted to this new card, while the former looks even worse up against the remarkable Radeon R9 285.

Nvidia indeed requires some of that Maxwell magic between the $150 GeForce GTX 750 Ti and its $330 GeForce GTX 970. And that’s precisely what it’s doing today with the launch of GeForce GTX 960.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 drivers
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

It seems like we’ve been waiting a very long time for the GeForce GTX 760 replacement. Eleven months have passed because considering that Nvidia introduced its true Maxwell style along with the mid-range GeForce GTX 750 series, as well as changed the high-end GeForce GTX 780 as well as 780 Ti with GeForce GTX 970 and also 980 4 months back.

In the interim, GeForce GTX 760 resisted the firepower of AMD’s Radeon R9 280 and even 285. Can Nvidia’s value-conscious followers take a breath less complicated with the arrival of a brand new GM206 GPU?

Technology specs

For the Nvidia GeForce GTX, 960, Nvidia has created a brand-new model of the Maxwell GPU. With that said comes 64 structure systems as well as some 32 ROPs. Compared to the Kepler GPU, Nvidia made use of in its GTX 760 that specs are looking a little selfish.

The GK 104 chip had a complete 1,152 cores across six SMX units with 96 appearance devices and the same 32 ROPs.

The Maxwell streaming microprocessors (SM) are comprised of 128 cores in each opposed to the 192 centers of the old Kepler style. However, a lot more effective brand-new graphics tech can toenail the same efficiency with fewer hearts.

Considering the GTX 970 still included a whole extra SMM device worth of CUDA cores right into its dish, I would certainly wish for a little bit extra zest in my GTX 960 specification what we do have, though is much higher clock speed.

The older card base clock was 980MHz, but the typical GM 206 is set at 1,126 MHz with a 1,178 MHz increase clock. In method with this EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC card, though, I never saw the GPU running at those apparently-conservative rates.

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My review card was continually striking between 1,417 MHz as well as 1,430 MHz. And also, even when the EVGA card was powering along at that rate, it was never loud. The top temperature I hit was a mere 73C, which’s just after an excellent little work.

Throughout desktop computer usage, though, it’s hushed. That’s because when the GPU is performing at less than 65C, it’s higher than pleased to run with the EVGA ACX 2.0+ cooling operating in secure setting alone– that implies no spinning followers, and also no sound.


As a mid-range 1080p gaming cards, the EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC carries out precisely as you would anticipate it to. I’m claiming that only because we have currently got in a similar way priced cards carrying out at nearly precisely the same degrees.

Sapphire Radeon R9 285 Dual-X is around the same cost as EVGA’s seriously overclocked GTX 960, and also, the two suit each other impact for blow in benchmark terms.

I’ve likewise got my hands on an Asus STRIX GeForce GTX 960 OC Version, which does not reasonably reach the EVGA in terms of clock speed. However, that doesn’t seem to matter much in terms of pc gaming efficiency.

Although this EVGA card is clocked a good deal higher than the Asus– the SuperSC is hitting 1,430 MHz versus the STRIX at 1,354 MHz– there’s just a little distinction in FPS terms.

That’s mosting likely to make it tougher to validate the purchase of a pricey overclocked card like either the Asus or this GTX 960 SuperSC. With a suitable cooler, most GTX 960 tickets are most likely to can hitting the nearly same level of performance with a little light overclocking.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Drivers Download Windows and Linux

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