Gigabyte Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus DDR4 Review in 2022

Gigabyte Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus DDR4 Review in 2022 – Today we will be returning once again to the world of small form factor or call it (SFF).

With ITX-motherboards being the backbone of every SFF build, these small systems generally come in two flavors, typically with a little middle ground for compromise, either designed for silent low power personal computers, similar to an ultra-thin laptop, or with maximum performance.

While the more common ATX form factor will be manufactured in up to a dozen different in versions per chipset from each vendor, other sizes like E-ATX, M-ATX and ITX form factors may only have a single edition ever released per CPU-socket. Which brings us to the release of Intel’s 12th-Gen Core processors.

New sockets or chipsets mean that vendors have the opportunity to refresh their lineups. The Gigabyte Z690I-AORUS Ultra Plus DDR4 is a bit different in that regard because it is actually an overhaul of the Z690I-AORUS Ultra, which reportedly had PCI-e problems and was subsequently discontinued.

Gigabyte went into damage control mode and even go ahead and set up a replacement program for those who bought the previous model. This tradein program is set to expire in November 2022 soon. While the program will only run for six-months it is still worth mentioning that Gigabyte put in the effort to make things right for an existing customers.



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