MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Suprim X 12 GB Review 2022

MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Suprim X 12 GB Review 2022 – Last week, we brought you the review of the ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX-3080 12 GB OC, and today, we have MSI’s counter-piece, the MSI GeForce RTX-3080 Suprim X 12 GB. The GeForce RTX-3080 12 GB was stealth launched by NVIDIA.

It is designed to fill the gap between the original RTX-3080 and RTX -080 Ti so the company could better compete with the Radeon RX -800 XT, or mainly be in a position to strike the $998.99 MSRP (Fantasyland pricing). The new 12GB version of the RTX-3080 also brings with it the Low Hash Rate (LHR) mining performance limiter NVIDIA is putting on all new releases to deter miners from s snatching up these cards.

The GeForce RTX-3080 “Ampere” launched back in 2020 with 10GB of memory across a 320bit memory interface even though the GA-102 silicon it’s based on supports a wider 384bit interface, which was maxed out with the RTX-3090.

The high-end graphics card landscape unexpectedly changed with the AMD Radeon RX-6800 series, and the RX-6900 XT based on the R-DNA2 architecture restored competition to the high-end, causing NVIDIA will launch several SKUs to try and restore its price performance supremacy, albeit it only when looking at MSRP. During all of this, retail scalping and the crypto-currency mining boom have destroyed the MSRP, and predictable pricing.

The RTX-3080 12 GB isn’t just the usual RTX-3080 with 20% more memory. In order to expand the VRAM size from 10GB to 12GB, NVIDIA had to up the number of memory chips from 10to12. The additional memory chips have to be connected to the GPU, which increases the bus width to 385bit and, thus, and memory bandwidth.

NVIDIA has also taken the opportunity to add a little muscle. The RTX-3080 12GB is endowed with 8,965 CUDA cores across 70streaming multiprocessors, while the original RTX-3080 has 8,704 across 68streaming multiprocessors. This also marks proportionate increases in Tensor cores (280vs272) and RT cores (70vs.68). ROP’S has remained constant, at 96.

All this however, comes at a significant increase of the typical board powers, which is now rated at 350W; the RTX-3080 only consumes 250Watt.

The MSI GeForce RTX-3080 12 GB Suprim-X is the company’s most premium RTX-3080 12GB offering—their flagship. Just like on other Suprim-X cards, you’re getting a large triple-slot, triple-fan thermal solution paired with a large factory overclock to 1890MHz rated boost, or 180MHz over NVIDIA’s RTX-3080 FE baseline clocks.

This makes it the highest-clocked RTX-3080 12 GB on the market. The next-fastest card is the ASUS-Strix with 1860MHz. MSI also bumped the power limit up to 370W from the 350W default, and the manual adjustment range goes up to 430W.

Just like on other Suprim-X cards, there’s a dual BIOS feature with the “silent” BIOS active by default, and the “gaming” BIOS will offering lower temperatures at higher fan speed. Official pricing guidance is still not available, but we are currently seeing the card listed for around $1699.99.


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