MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT – Gaming X Review 2022

MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT – Gaming X Review 2022 The new MSI Radeon RX-6650 XT Gaming X graphics card is designed to lead the company’s RX-6650 XT series.

AMD refreshed its RX-6000 series RDNA2 graphics cards with three new models today, with the other two is RX-6750 XT and RX-6950 XT. These are designed as updates to the product-stack, with a handful enhancements over the model’s they displace.

Graphics card prices are cooling down now, and gamers are finally in the market with Summer  Season upon us. This gives AMD the opportunity to put something a new and improved on shelves, so here’s we are with the RX 6650.


The RX-6650 XT is based on the same R-DNA2 graphics architecture as the RX-6600 XT that received praise for being fairly competitive in the mid range. It’s also built around the same 7nm “Navi 23” silicon. There are three area’s where AMD improved the card. The first of these is GPU with clock speeds. AMD turned up the GPU clocks (game clocks) into 2410 MHz, up from 2359MHz on the RX-6600 XT.

The second area of improvement is the memory, with AMD dialing up memory speeds to 18 G-bps, up from 16 G-bps on the RX-6600 XT. The card comes with 8 GB of G-DDR6 memory across a 128-bit wide memory interface, making the memory speed increase particularly handy as the memory bandwidth goes from 256GB/s into 288 GB/s, which is still lower than the 334GB/s bandwidth on the RTX-3060 with its 192-bit memory bus.

AMD is overcoming  memory bandwidth shortfalls with the innovative  ofInfinity Cache on-die memory. The RX-6650 XT gets 32MB of it, and the “effective bandwidth” is now 469GB/s. The third area of improvement is in the firmware and driver levels; we observed some improvement in the CPU-limited games, which of course is a non-issue for the RX6650, but it’s a noteworthy effect on the more powerful cards.



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