MSI Spatium M480 Play 2 TB Review in 2022

MSI Spatium M480 Play 2 TB Review in 2022 – MSI is a world-leading gaming hardware manufacturer that is a mostly famous for their graphics cards, motherboards, and laptops of course. In addition to these,The  MSI also offers monitors, peripherals, cases, and the power supplies. With such a complete lineup, it’s not a surprising that MSI has entered the SSD market last year.

We reviewed the original MSI-Spatium M-480 in August last year, and it left an excellent impression. Today, we have for review the MSI Spatium M-480 Play, which is a slightly upgraded design featuring the same Phison-E18 controller, PCI-Express-4.0 support, and DRAM cache.

What’s changed is that the NAND flash chips are now Micron’s newest 176-layer 3D-TLC; the original M-480 used 96-layer Micron. The new flash chips offer slightly better a performance overall and significantly improved write speeds. In order to improve compatibility with the Sony PlayStation-5, MSI improved their heatsink, which is now a bit more compact, yet still packs a punch to ensure there is no overheating.

The MSI-Spatium M-480 Play comes in capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB. At this time, only the price for the 2 TB version in this review is known: $330. MSI includes a five-year warranty with the M480 Play.


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