Review EK-Quantum Surface P360M Radiator

Review EK-Quantum Surface P360M Radiator – EK WaterBlocks, or EK-WB, or even simply EK-, finally updated its radiator lineup after years of people looking for a something new, and both the 30mm thick EK-Quantum Surface S360 and the 58mm thick EK-Quantum Surface X360M were impressive.

Given the company’s new Matrix-7 initiative whereby all new EK products will differ in the relevant dimensions in multiples of 8mm for easier loop plumbing, having a 44mm thick radiator was no doubt planned alongside the other two.

Indeed, the equally new EK Quantum Surface P-360M is a direct replacement for the older EK-Coolstream PE-360.

The older radiator never really did much to attract attention from viewer’s and reviewer’s alike, owing to mediocre performance compared to the 60mm thick radiators and only just besting the 30mm thickness class radiators too.

There was an intermediate radiator core being tested which was promising, and it perhaps that was the start of the new core/fin-geometry that eventually led to the new radiator lineup. Today we are testing the third of these new radiator’s to see how it slots between the S-360 and X-360M.




EK-Quantum Surface P360M Radiator
Color: Black or white frame with silver end covers and all black versions planned.
Material: Copper fins, brass tubes/tank, fittings, steel side plates, and aluminium end cover plates.
Radiator Size: 3x120mm
Dimensions: 405 (L)x130(W)x44 (H)mm.
Fan Compatibility: Square frame 120mm
Fin Type: Copper with paint coat, 18-FPI serpentine and non louvered type fins.
Ports: 5, BSP G-1/4″ threaded
Screw Type: M-4 threading
Warranty: Two year’s.


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