Review Gigabyte X570S AERO RG in 2022 – Worth it ?

Review Gigabyte X570S AERO RG in 2022 – Worth it ? – In today’s review, i will be taking an up close look at Gigabyte’s X-570S AERO G motherboard for the AMD based systems. This also may very well be the last chipset for the longest standing AMD AM-4 socket.

We were first introduced to the Ryzen-Zen CPU in 2017. This was quickly followed up by Zen++ based processor. Next, with the Zen-2 launch, using the same X naming convention as the follow-up to X-470 came a new X-570 chipset to extend the AM-4 socket lifespan once again.

Its largest change overall came in the form of a new x4 PCIE-4.0 uplink to the CPU. This upgrade allowed for more USB ports, M-2 sockets, and PCIE slots using the X-570 chipset.

After the highly successful B-550 chipset launch in 2021, marketed and priced to be more budget friendly. Waiting for the perfect moment to upgrade can pay off, especially as prices decrease and bugs are worked out over multiple revisions.

AMD X-570 (S) is the latest revision from AMD this the AM4 socket and “S” being for silent as the chipset fan has been removed.

AMD’s Compute 2022 press conference revealed the company’s plans for the new AM-5 socket and new Zen-4 processors. In additional news, the company has not ruled out extended support for its current AM-4 socket.

With strong sales and a competitive advantage gaming and production workflows, those looking for a mature platform will find AM-4 something that shouldn’t be written off just yet.

With AMD long term support the AM-4 socket, motherboard manufacturers have opportunity to refresh the X-570 lineup yet again with new features, including WiFI 6E, USB 3.2 connectivity, Thunderbolt 4, and higher supported memory frequencies that just weren’t available two years ago.

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