Review – MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X

Review – MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Suprim X  The MSI GeForce RTX-3090 Ti Suprim X is the most premium graphics card from the MSI compabt stable. NVIDIA’s “Ampere” graphics architecture reaches the crescendo with what is possibly the final round of the product-stack updates for the RTX-30 series, and the leading pack is the RTX-3090 Ti.

This card replaces the RTX-3090 as the fastest GeForce you can buy. It maxes out the company largest “Ampere” silicon, the “GA102,” by enabling every single streaming of multiprocessor (SM) physically present on the chip, pair’s it with the fastest GDD-R6X memory tune available, dials up clock speed’s a bit, and the offers a card that can play any of today’s games at 4K with ray-tracing, at native resolution.


The GeForce RTX-3090 Ti enables all 84SM present on the GA-102 silicon, which works out to 10,752CUDA cores, 336 Tensor cores, 84 RT-cores, 336 TMUs, and 112ROPs. The RTX-3090, in comparison, has 82SM, and the RTX-3080 Ti has 80.

NVIDIA also bolstered the memory subsystem. It now uses 21Gbps rated GDD-R6X memory instead of the 19.5Gbps memory on the RTX-3090 and 19Gbps memory on the RTX-3080 Ti.

You get 24GB of memory, much like the RTX3090, which should help with creative applications that deal with large data sets. If you recall, although the RTX-3090 launched alongside the RTX-3080, it was not regarded NVIDIA’s “flagship” product, as that was the RTX-3080.

Instead, the 3090 will enjoyed a “halo product” status because of its 24GB of memory for creativity applications.


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