Review XPG Caster RGB DDR5-6400 CL40 2x 16 GB

Review XPG Caster RGB DDR5-6400 CL40 2x 16 GB –¬†XP Founded in 2001, A-DATA is one of the largest manufacturers of flash memory and D-RAM in the world and has steadily grown into what it is today, leader in the industry.

From enterprise to consumers, A-DATA has multiple product lines to fit different markets, with the X-PG subdivision targeting PC enthusiasts and branded as such.

X-PG offers multiple DDR-5 products with the current three main consumer system memory 3 lines being Caster, Lancer, and Hunter.

X-PG Hunter fulfills the basic user needs, while the Lancer memory aims to target a wide market offering both nonRGB and RGB SKU’s, pre-binned and sold in various configurations from 5200MT/s to 6400MT/s.

Lastly is the X-PG Caster performance and PC enthusiast oriented system memory with the lowest frequency kit offered for sale as this is written starting at a blistering 6400MT/s.

DDR-5 memory is still in the early adoption phase with Intel’s-12th Gen Core processors and accompanying LGA-1700 socket being the only supporters of this technology. In related tech news, AMD announced the company’s next-generation Ryzen CPUs and AM-5 socket during Compute’x 2022.

Due out in Q3-2022, AMD will also bring with it DDR-5 support. For now, DDR-5 is still exclusive to Intel, and with that comes the question if DDR-5 is worth transitioning to. For the casual user, leaving behind DDR-4 isn’t always beneficial.

For those who want an in-depth look into the trade-offs between the two, TechPowerUp already has an article with an in-depth comparison of DDR4 and DDR5 performance¬†on Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs.



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