Specification and Review Sonos Ray 2022

Specification and Review Sonos Ray 2022 – Weighing Sonos in at only 1.95kg (4.29 lb) and measuring 559x71x95mm (22×2.79×3.74in.), the Ray is Sonos’ most compact the sound-bar to date. As such, it is best suited for smaller-TVs (48 in. or less)

And rooms of up to 20square meters. It’s also an interesting choice for placing under a monitor. In most cases, it will fit perfectly and won’t look bulky even when placed under a 24inch monitor, but there’s also that its sonic performance can be adapted to work well in the nearfield.

Aside from being the smallest, it’s also the company’s least expensive sound-bar, coming in at $280/€300.

I have to admit like I’m somewhat confused by Sonos’ marketing for the Ray. When the company gave me an early sneak peek of their newest sound-bar a couple of weeks ahead of its launch, they referred to it as an exceptionally compact soundbar suited for TVs and the computers.

After the product was officially launched in, their website listed it as a “small HD gaming soundbar.” I’m not entirely sure when (or-why) they decided to market it to gamers.

I don’t see the Ray’s appeal for an average-gamer, who likely won’t care about its exceptional multiroom capabilities, but it will notice that it doesn’t come with a subwoofer or an elaborate RGB-lighting system.


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