The Perfect match for Mini-ITX is Noctua NH-D12L

The Perfect match for Mini-ITX is Noctua NH-D12L  – With a reputation forged by an amazing performance, exceptional quality, and ultra’low noise levels, Noctua remains a premier manufacturer of PCcooling products.

Like the towering mount Everest, they will continue to be one of the benchmarks all others are typically compared to. The can’t miss color scheme of tan and brown may not be to everyone’s taste, but it continues to be a hallmark of the brand.

It is something most PC-enthusiasts will recognize by only just a quick glance and that awareness paired with the knowledge that they offer some of the best warranty and after sales support of any PC cooling company means they will remain a quintessential enthusiast favorite.

While it has been quite some time since a Noctua is cooler has graced my test bench and I am always happy to see what they have in store everyday. Today’s review will put the NH-D-12L and the Noctua’s latest design, to the test by seeing just what this low height dual tower cooler can do.

It has a maximum height of 146mm, which should fit most 4-U rackmount server cases along with a few Mini ITX cases. To be fair, that is a bit of a niche market, but its having a top-tier offering for those in need means it should still prove quite popular.



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