Upcoming Hardware Launches 2022 (Updated August 2022)

Upcoming Hardware Launches 2022 (Updated August 2022) – In this article, our team will regularly update a what hardware will be launces in 2022, we will maintain a growing list of information to reader about pertaining to upcoming hardware releases based on leaks and in official announcements as we spot them.

There will obviously be a many of rumors on unreleased hardware, and it is our goal to based on our years of industry experience article exclude the crazy ones. In addition to these upcoming a hardware release news, we will regularly adjust the structure of this article to better organize an information.

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Processor will be release in August 2022 :

AMD Zen 4 / Ryzen 7000 Series [updated]

  • Release Date: Fall 2022, possibly September 15 2022.
  • Launched around same time as R-DNA3 GPU architecture.
  • “In Design” as of November 2018.
  • 5 nm TSMC process and possibly EUV.
  • Shrink to 4nm possible later in the lifetime of the product.
  • IO die built on 6 nm T-SMC.
  • Desktop code-name: “Raphael”.
  • DDR5 memory support, 5200MT/s.
  • AMD will wait for better DDR5 availability before launch of AM-5 platform.
  • Server: up to 12TB on server, RDDR5, LRDDR5, and 12-channel.

AMD Zen 4 APUs

  • Release Date: Between 2022 or 2023.
  • Successor into “Rembrandt”.
  • Based on Zen-4 CPU cores.
  • R-DNA2 graphics on Dragon Range.
  • 55W TDP for “Dragon Range”.
  • Socket AM5, DDR5 ,and PCI-Express version 5.0

AMD Zen 4 for Socket AM4

  • Release Date: Beetween 2022 or 2023.
  • Based on Zen-4 CPU cores paired with Zen-3’s IO die.
  • Support for DDR4 and PCIe-Gen 4.

Intel Alder Lake-N

  • Release Date: 2024.
  • Gracemont cores only, and no Golden Cove cores.
  • Possibly for embedded a designs or Chromebooks.
  • No PCI-e lanes from the CPU.
  • Gen 12.2 i-GPU GT1 with 32 EUs.

Intel Alder Lake-X

  • Release Date: this year 2022
  • Xeon W5-3433: 16c/32tm 32 MB L2, 45 MB L3, and 1.99 GHz.
  • Codename: Fish-Hawk Falls..
  • Use W-790 chipset.
  • Could be a desktop version of Sapphire-Rapids.