The DLSS Killer AMD FSR 2.0 Quality and Performance Review

The DLSS Killer AMD FSR 2.0 Quality and Performance Review – AMD Fidelity-FX Super Resolution 2.0 (FSR2.0) is available from May 12, with the latest-version of “Deathloop.”

Announced earlier this Spring, FSR-2.0 is a major update to AMD’s performance enhancement in rivaling NVIDIA DLSS, which lets you improve the framerates at minimal loss to image quality.

Both FSR and DLSS is work on the principle of getting the game to render everything except the HUD and post FX at a lower-resolution than the display and it is capable of and upscaling it using sophisticated algorithms that it will make the output look as if it were rendered at native resolution. AMD and NVIDIA already take different paths to achieving this goal.


In order to generate a better of output image, FSR will needs more data, which is why AMD already created a temporal upscaling algorithm that is conceptually roughly that similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0.

Much like FSR-1.0, FSR-2.0 is a shader based technology, which it relies on programmable shader’s and hence is hardware agnostic. It is designed to work on all of hardware, even graphics cards from NVIDIA or Intel. DLSS, on the other hand, is an NVIDIA exclusive technology that it already uses the AI math-optimized Tensor Cores that available in newer generations of NVIDIA hardware.

Under the hood, FSR-2.0 still uses the Lanczos-algorithm to upscale the low of resolution image to the final render size. Instead of taking just the current frame as an input, data from any several frames is combined into a single buffer so which is then upscaled using a Lanczos.

The frames of the game developers feed to FSR have to be slightly jittered, which means that the camera will moves by a tiny tiny sub pixel-sized amount to pick up an additional information for each frame. FSR will then assign an a “importance” score to each pixel that not only takes into an account how old that information is, but also how the distance to the target pixel.


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